Playing drums is my life and teaching drums is my passion.


Love Of The Art


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Online drumming tuition for passionate percussionists.

If you are anything like me, your eyes will always be drawn to the drummer when you’re watching a music video, a live band, or even an orchestra packed full of talented musicians.

There’s just something compelling about percussion –  the skill, the precision, the energy… for me, it’s intoxicating.

So many people dream of learning to play the drums, but often, there are just too many obstacles.

If your child is passionate about drumming and dying to learn, perhaps you think you don’t have the time or energy to fight traffic to get to regular lessons. Maybe the cost is off-putting, or you simply can’t find a teacher in your area.

How much easier would it be if they could learn anytime, in the comfort of your home?

No more traffic jams, waiting around, or extra petrol costs. I can provide easy payment options and group or one on one classes that you can choose to suit your schedule.

Making dreams accessible for everyone

When I was younger, it was challenging to find drum lessons. There were no teachers where I lived, so I had to travel to another area to get tutored.

I don’t want anyone to miss out on following their passion for drumming just because they don’t have access to tuition in the right place or at the right time!

With my online lessons, nobody has to miss out.

Anyone can learn in their own home, at a convenient time for them (and you) – either one-to-one or via recorded lessons, or using my online courses (recorded and online lessons coming soon).

Drumming is life

Drumming is my life. I’ve been doing it for the last 30 years, and I’m passionate about passing my knowledge on by making it accessible to anyone.

I first started teaching drumming at Drum City in Balmoral, Auckland, way back in 2004. After ten years of working there, I began hosting my own drum tuition classes, and have been tutoring at high schools throughout Auckland for the last ten years.

I have a Bachelor of Performing Arts (1st Degree), a B.Mus Honours (1st Degree), and a Masters in Music Performance, so there is so much for me to pass on to my students.

Although I love teaching, at times it has felt like I’m mainly teaching kids who have to do music as a subject at school, rather than children who really have a drive and hunger for drumming.

My online courses are aimed at those kids – the ones who can’t stop tapping their fingers on tabletops.

Online drumming options

Regardless of whether my students are just starting to pick up drumming or have been playing for a few years, I’m here to help them learn anytime, with step by step methods, transcriptions, and tutorials.

I can even do specific songs by request, help with rhythms, reading, timing, drum fills, and a vast variety of techniques.

I specialize in teaching children aged 6-18

Online lessons are for 1:1 only
In-studio lessons are for 1:1 for 13+ years or group classes for 6-12-year-olds.
Group lessons are also available through your school by arrangement: Click here for more info.

Again, with my online lessons, nobody has to miss out.
Anyone can learn in their own home, at a convenient time for them (and you), one-to-one.
Recorded Lessons and Online Courses coming soon.